Climate warming causes sea level rise, drought, floods, storms and other crises, threatening the deterioration of human living conditions. If the earth rise 1.5 → 2 degrees again, then the sea level will rise 4 → 10 meters high, the land will be flooded by the sea. Carbon emissions reduce in 2050 is our common goal. Due to the impact of global warming caused by the crisis, as a part of the Earth's human beings, seek a proper use of countermeasures is our urgent responsibility.

HAHA Generation Power develops smoothly under the leadership of Liao president. Our company’s volunteer is "to save the planet environmental protection, the rescue of the greenhouse effect, save mankind, save everything, the responsibility of relief and salvation". Also, we accumulated many excellent supplier partners and get customer’s trust and affirmation all over the world.



HAHA Generation Power Corp. excellent technical background

HAHA Generation Power Corp. with excellent technical background provides a competitive advantage for us in the global market. HAHA Generation develops electric vehicles in 2009, and launched the "electric power extension power system" in 2017. Use diesel generators as a supplement to significantly improve the endurance and also has the advantages of electric vehicles to reduce carbon. This epoch-making invention can be used in electric locomotives, electric vehicles, electric trucks, electric buses, trams and other vehicles. It even can build a mobile power plant --- electric power plant.

Developed HAHA "new type of wave power plant system" in 2016 successfully and signed the "new type of wave power generation device" performance improvement and technology transfer contract with the National Ocean University of Taiwan Energy and Policy Research Center on March 15, 2017. It will show the new opportunities for industry and academic mutual cooperation. HAHA new type of wave power generation system can be applied in hundreds of islands and countries around the world.


HAHA was founded by President Liao and the core team from scratch, has developed into a complete lineup of teams and close cooperation with the industry's high-quality supplier business, industrial areas including electric vehicle system configuration, generating units R & D, wave power generation system research and development. To build an electric car factory, the international cooperation of development for wave power plant equipment and cooperate with the government and private enterprises actively. Once the commercial production, it will be the best solution to promote non-nuclear homes and renewable energy in Taiwan. In the future, it can build parallel power plant. We will always strive to achieve our strategic objectives, which is our commitment to the green energy industry.


HAHA Generation Power Corp. up-holds a sincere and focus on green energy environmental protection market development. In addition, HAHA developed wave power generation and electric vehicle Hybrid range extender since 2017. The two power generation systems will be introduced into Taiwan domestic market and will be committed to the development of global overseas markets in the future.

chairman's Messag


Hardworking, thrifty and pragmatic, Innovation, and sustainable operation.


Integrity and trust. Capability and persistence. Courage and perseverance.


Pursuing Geen energy industry through search & development. Make an contribution to our planet earth.


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